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Razer launches Wildcat to compete with Microsoft Elite Xbox One controller


The American company, Razer, has introduced a high-performance Xbox One controller with a price tag of $150. The controller, which is a little bit costlier than other standard gaming controllers available in the market, comes with new added features from the Razer. Apart from the norm gaming controls, this one by Razer adds four new buttons for enhanced gaming performance. It is much similar to the one announced by Microsoft during the E3 and has been named as Wildcat.

The Wildcat, as per the company, has been designed from top to bottom to meet the hardware and software requirements of professional players, although not limiting the sales to them, people in general can also buy it. The gaming controller has been specially designed for professionals to get most out of it during the tournaments.

The controller is much is similar to the Microsoft’s Elite, which was also introduced at the E3 this year, and offers a much-required smoothness of the controls. The only difference existing in between the two is that the Razer Wildcat just can’t beat the Elite when it comes to detachment of D-pad and analog sticks. Professionals can choose any of them for a better performance.

Apart from that, the four buttons we talked about in the introduction have been assigned functions such as mute/unmute, speaker, profile switching and profile adjustments, which can be very handy when put to use.


The gaming controller comes with a long 10-foot USB cable, carrying case and also the optional rubber palm grips, and just to mention, the USB cable is detachable to pack it easily for traveling.

Apart from this, the controllers are approximately 25 percent lighter than the current existing standard Xbox One controllers.

The controller could prove to be a tough competition for the Microsoft Elite $150 controller releasing in the same month as of the Wildcat i.e. October 2015.

Apart from that, the design carries a combination of black and green color with the Razer’s logo running near the controls. The little illuminated Xbox logo makes this device feature a good design suiting the style of games.

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