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Post Arbaaz-Malaika breakup; Salman Khan tries to save Sohail and Seema’s marriage


There seems to be no end to troubles in the Khan Parivar as, soon after the news of actor-producer Arbaaz Khan and his wife Malaika Arora Khan’s separation, comes the news about, not all being well, in brother Sohail Khan and wife Seema Khan’s marital paradise.

According to strong rumors, Sohail too, similar to Arbaaz, is planning to follow the suit and separate from his wife Seema, with whom he has been married for 18 years and has two sons.

While, in Arbaaz’s case, Malaika has cited her husband’s lack of financial stability and over dependency on his elder brother Salman Khan, as the reasons for their going separate ways.

In Sohail’s case, it is rumor on his growing proximity with actress Huma Qureshi, being the cause of the couple’s separation.


As for the Khan family’s elders to intervene and sort out the matters, while head patriarch writer Salim Khan has left the two couples alone to sort out their family issues, Salman Khan is trying his best to mend the bridges and iron out the differences between his brothers and their wives.

Recently, Salman was seen meeting up with Malaika Arora in a bid to convince her for giving her marriage and relationship a second chance.

However, according to sources, the ‘Kick’ actor failed in his attempts in doing so, with Malaika remaining adamant about breaking up with Arbaaz. And now, Salman has turned his attention to Sohail and his problems.

It seems that Seema Khan is in a mood to adhere to her brother-in-law’s requests, as she respects him a lot, and give her marriage, the second try.

Earlier too, Salman, had, intervened in Hrithik Roshan’s matter and decided to drill some sense in him, while he was contemplating divorce with wife Sussanne Khan.

Although unmarried, Salman, seems to have a knack of convincing people, as far as their relationship matters are concerned. Here’s hoping that the superstar manages to prevent his brothers’ marriages from breaking up.

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