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Paul Azinger bares long term plan for 2016 Ryder Cup


With the US Ryder Cup team once again falling short, a change in the preparations and selection process may be forthcoming. At least that is what Paul Azinger thinks has to happen after another Ryder Cup setback which has left the U.S. team groping for a solution.

With the said Tom Watson experiment failing to meet expectations, a new blue ribbon panel composed of 11 high profile golfers will join hands for the 2016 Ryder Cup. Among the big names in the mix include that of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, two world class golfers who will join hands in the selection process and hopefully end up triumphant two years from now.


Curiously, Paul Azinger was not included in the 11-man panel despite claiming that he already has a blueprint ready for the next US Ryder Cup. Azinger last captained the US team in 2008 and believes that an instant solution may not necessarily be a reliable strategy to use.


Azinger did ask to be included in the 11-man team panel but nevertheless is planning to present his long-term plan with the group in the coming months. And being a veteran of the Ryder Cup, Azinger knows what is lacking and what needs to be done to help the US achieve victory, the last of which was back-to-back victories way back in 1991 and 1993.


Azinger has reportedly looked at all angles and stresses that one problem that he sees is the issue of continuity. Apparently the best golfers to represent their country are out there but the absence of a backup plan seems to be the gray area.


Sulking after another debacle in Gleneagles is indeed a wakeup call. And with the new blue ribbon committee made up of the game’s best minds paired with strategic suggestions such as the one Azinger has, perhaps a better performing US Ryder Cup squad will finally stand out.

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