Our Sun joined Milky Way’s star-birthing frenzy 5 billion years ago

The sun has always played a pivotal role in the solar system. However, new information now reveals that the sun had an entirely different role in its youth – and actually – the sun is significantly younger than everything else, or most other things in the Milky Way. For reasons that remain somewhat mysteries to astronomers, galaxies actually created the stars and some of the bodies of planets that exist today. They started the chain reaction that would ultimately cause the universe to become what it is today.

That though happened 10 billion years ago, according to the new report. Which is significantly different than the 5 billion year age that scientists and astronomers have oftentimes placed on our sun. This new piece of information would actually suggest that the sun played a bigger role in creating the planetary masses that would become our planets of today – like Earth – than previously thought. Even more impressively, the sun being deemed a late bloomer is just the most-recent example of discoveries that have led to entirely new perceptions of things we thought were constant in space.


What the report shows is that there was actually an intense amount of hydrogen and helium in the atmosphere when the sun was created. It also shows that there were two points throughout the history of our solar system that activity was increased to the point where things were born at a much faster rate. The first was when the galaxies actually formed the stars and then the second being when the sun itself was born.


This is significant research because it reveals so much about the galaxy as a whole. It remains as one of the things that humans really know very little about. Even with the research and studies that continue to take place to learn more, it reveals how little we know and that is ultimately what will fuel continued pursuit of information.


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