Nuance to launch Dragon Anywhere apps on iOS and Android this fall

Nuance (NASDAQ: NUAN) is soon going to launch their Dragon Anywhere apps for iOS and Android mobile platforms in U.S. and The U.K. during this fall. These cloud-enabled apps will feature an industry grade voice dictation, and documentation capabilities enabled with the advanced cloud syncing features. For the first time, the company is going to launch the Dragon for the mobile systems.

The Dragon Anywhere is a powerful tool that brings in advanced dictation capabilities allowing the users to create and edit their reports and documents by using voice and also store them on the cloud. Bringing the cloud in action makes the materials available to any authorized device at any instant. Whether it is a meeting in a remote location or document sharing for the clients, Dragon Anywhere will let you do that from the mobile devices.

Nuance has also shared its technology in the development of Apple SIRI and is still at its backend.

One of the major advantages of Dragon apps will be that users can immediately create reports out of the interaction during a meeting, site visit or inspection. This will let them have some raw data which later can be converted into a formatted report for business purposes. It saves everything on the cloud, and anyone can access them from anywhere.

Apart from that, more it listens to different individuals, more accurate it becomes over the time by learning their accents and the way they pronounce the words. Just like any word processor, it has robust formatting options such as deletion of the entire line or a word, selection, ability to make the headings and other options such as bold and italic words.

Dragon also features some pre-made formats to generate a report quickly out on the basis of interaction the user had. On the usability end, it also features few things such as support for the commonly used phrases such as “Client details” and more.

Dropbox has an easy access to it, and users can export or import their files from all other major cloud sharing services such as Google Drive. Mega’s support is yet not available with Nuance.

Just like most of the service, Dragon Anywhere will also have a central control system allowing IT administrators to manage the apps running on users’ devices. They can add new phrases from there and also manage the reports that are being generated by it.

It is to arrive in fall 2015, and enterprises will be able to take even more out of the Nuance services.


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