Nokia tweets We’re up to something, suspense builds up

Ever since Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft, it has been out of the limelight, but today Nokia aroused its fans with old memories and juiced them up by tweeting a photo of a black object whose, which supposedly is its next and new product, tagline read “We’re up to something.”

And to add to the mystery of the black object and Nokia making a comeback, Nokia, along with the picture, tweeted the hashtag #Slush14, which refers to the famous tech conference Slush 2014 in Helsinki where Nokia’s head of products, Sebastian Nystrom, will be speaking tomorrow.


Here, I would like to conjecture that the black object cannot be a smartphone at all since Nokia has peacefully exited the smartphone business by selling its smartphone department for $7.2 billion to Microsoft, and has since concentrated its energy on mapping and network infrastructure. However, what else could it be if it’s not a smartphone? Read further on.

The black object looks quite similar to a set-top box, as TechCrunch asserted earlier that Nokia has expressed willingness in the past for licensing its brand for third-party devices, notably Google Android TV Platform, which sounds quite exciting for Nokia for branching into the service-provision business.

Furthermore, bottled up with excitement and enthusiasm for starting a new journey, Nokia kept teasing its fans by tweeting “an exciting week” and “a fresh start.” If you are a Nokia fan and you’re reading this, don’t forget to watch Sebastian Nystrom’s presentation tomorrow at 11:25 a.m. local time.

As for Microsoft, Microsoft launched its first cellphone last week after the acquisition deal with Nokia. The cellphone is the Lumia 535 which is worth $136 and sports a 5 inch screen and a 5 megapixel front and rear camera.

Are you a Nokia fan and will you watch the presentation tomorrow? Please let us know in your comments.


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