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New revolutionary way can diagnose Prostate cancer fast

Prostate cancer

After skin cancer, Prostate cancer is a very common disease that is seen in men, and it is very essential to diagnose it early so that the condition can be treated early. New methods are being tried by the researchers so that prostate cancer can be identified at early stages.

An important step has been taken by a research team from Liverpool University as a new diagnostic test has been created for prostate cancer which can eliminate the need for invasive procedures.

Along with Urological Institute team at Southmead Hospital and Bristol Royal Infirmary, the effectiveness of this urine test to diagnose urological cancers was examined by the researchers, after which they found that the test was successful. The study included 155 men with haematuria without cancer, bladder cancer or prostate cancer.

Professor Chris Probert, a leader of the study from University of Liverpool’s Institute of Translational medicine, stated that there is an urgent need for identifying cancer at an early stage since it is more treatable if a person is diagnosed early. He teamed up with UWE Bristol and a research team led Professor Norman Radcliffe and Probert developed Odoreader, a chromatography sensor system, which uses algorithms for testing urine samples.


Probert said that after further testing, the next step is taking this technology and using it in a user-friendly format. With the help of industry partners, Odoreader can be further be developed, and it would help in enabling it in using it where it is most needed; in a doctor’s surgery, in a patient’s bedside or clinic of Walk In Center, providing accurate, inexpensive or fast results.

Professor Norman Ratcliffe further explains that currently, there is no specific test for detecting prostate cancer and PSA test indicators are quite vague.

Sometimes, this results in unnecessary biopsies, taking the mental toll on patients, who have the risk of infection from this procedure.

He added that their main aim is creating a test in which this procedure is avoided at initial diagnosis by detecting cancer in a non-invasive way and smells the disease in the urine of men.

Consultant Urologist at Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, Mr. Raj Prasad stated that if this test is successful, diagnostics would be revolutionized.

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