NCB Officer Shares Highlights Of Interview With Aryan Khan: ‘He Really Deserved It’

Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, was finally cleared in the drugs-on-cruise case in which he was taken into custody last year. The famous son was released after a tumultuous month in prison. A Special Investigations Team (SIT) was formed to investigate the matter. During the inquiry, Shah Rukh Khan was approached by NCB’s debut director, Sanjay Singh, who led the SIT.

In a press conference with a renowned magazine, Singh, who led the SIT that cleared Aryan, admitted that he wasn’t ready for the questions Aryan had about him and that convincing him that he had come with an ‘open mind’ was difficult.

”Sir, you have advertised me as a global drug dealer and that I sponsor drug smuggling – aren’t these claims ridiculous?,” Aryan questioned Singh. “Even though I had no narcotics on me, I was detained. You’ve done me a huge disservice and tarnished my image. Was it really necessary for me to suffer so many days in prison – did I deserve it?”

During his investigation, Singh discovered that Aryan’s father, actor Shah Rukh Khan, had expressed fears about his son’s current emotional state. ”He (Shah Rukh) claimed that his son isn’t getting enough sleep and that he is feeling ”vilified” despite the lack of facts,” Singh said.

”We have been branded as crooks or demons who are out to ruin society,” a tearful Shah Rukh informed him, ”and we find going back to work challenging each day.” The NCB submitted a charge sheet in a Mumbai court on May 29th against 14 of the 20 suspects detained in the case last October after a raid on a cruise ship as well as suspected narcotics discovery.

The central authority stated that 6 of them, along with Aryan Khan, weren’t named owing to insufficient evidence.

Aryan chooses to focus on his directorial goals now that the incident is settled. Aryan will soon fly to the United States for a particular project which he wishes to pursue, according to ETimes. He’s also engaged in a few over-the-top projects.