Mozilla putting nail in the coffin of Android sales with improved strategy

Mozilla earlier introduced the very first $25 super affordable smartphone in the market, but now it seems like the company is going to change the strategy to launch much better smartphones without worrying much about the affordability. The employees of the foundation have received emails regarding the same.

According to the reports from the CNET, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has sent out an email saying that the $25 smartphone isn’t doing any well, and they need to change the strategy for it. Instead of focusing on the cost factor alone, Mozilla is now preparing to provide a better solution by improving the user experience on the smartphone.

Mozilla will now be going the Android way to compete the Google in its own market. Apparently, it will putting the mid or low-end smartphone market as its target by launching the feature-rich smartphones for as little as $100 or $150. Android smartphone market in the South Asian and other developing countries has been able to capture a vast amount of consumers by launching the devices that are in this range, however, if Mozilla to make any dent in the Android sales, then it probably has to provide more features in its devices.

For now, Mozilla is only going to focus on improving the user experience with its Firefox OS devices, but it is probably a bit late to enter the market. Today, we have highly sophisticated and feature-rich smartphones in the market, whereas, the Mozilla is offering devices that aren’t that capable. We aren’t talking about competing with Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but the low and mid range smartphones.

Apart from the user experience the feature-limited devices, Mozilla is also struggling to get more apps on its Market Place. If we compare the amount of apps on the App Store or Play Store, then Market Place from the organization doesn’t even stand a chance. Mozilla needs to work on that also by introducing more apps, or at least those that are popular, including Snapchat, Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and more.

Earlier, 90% of the revenue generated by the Mozilla was made out of the partnership it had with the Google. By default, the search engine for the browser was Google.

Apart from that, Mozilla got a major shake when Google supposedly cloned its strategy and introduced the Android One last year. It was launched in collaboration with manufacturers in the South Asian countries to present the smartphones that were just under the $100 price tag. Android One, unarguably, received much of popularity, but apparently Mozilla failed to capture the realm.


  1. “…received much of popularity” ? The person that wrote this article cannot speak English. One of many mistakes. Go back to school…

    • These articles written by algorithms and proofread by ESL editors. It saves $0.43

      Come to think of it… I – am – an – autobot – comment – responder. Snefraaag-derp… syntax error….

  2. What Mozilla fails to understand is that if they sell a dirt cheap phone and it does well, well then they where successful in selling a dirt cheap phone. As for Android, it still rises in numbers and google still collects analitics from those Mozilla phones. I’m not sure what nail in the coffin the article is talking about.

      • I think I’ve finally figured out why languages such as English and German are so complicated. The complexities, nuances, and contradictions are trap doors for literary idiots, poseurs, and creators of lost-cause algorithmic programs.

  3. How is this a “nail in the coffin” for Android? The article seems to indicate Moz doesn’t have any market share, any worthwhile apps or any real strategy aside from the lame, “improving the user experience”. Mozilla is late entering the market and has NO disruptive technology. Anyone else confused about the author’s intent?


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