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Microsoft Insider Preview releases with browser-based Skype on Edge


Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), since last year, has been working on the browser-based Skype version that is now available for the Insider with the latest Preview. Microsoft has added this new feature in the freshly introduced Windows Insider Preview.

All credits go to the inclusion of Object RTC API or Object Real Time Communication that has been drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium. It helps support browser-to-browser VoIP calls, video calls, P2P sharing and few other tasks which often require the use of a dedicated application on the system. It can open the user’s mic and camera, and offer real-time communication without the need of any plugin or application. What it offers is the rich connection without interpretation and loss of data. Just the way it provides such services, the protocol is extremely secure as well.


Microsoft has added in this new release to allow the Edge establish VoIP connections in the browser-based Skype. It is yet to made public, and only available for the Insiders. Apparently, in a couple of months when the testing is done, the Redmond giant will push this update to all other Windows 10 users worldwide.


You can go ahead and try the new release, however, they may or may not ruin your experience because Preview builds are those that are yet to be tested. BETA software can have unexpected bugs ready to interrupt your experience.

Coming back to where we started, Edge support for Skype will soon be available on other browsers as well. Microsoft is much likely to introduce that on the Chrome browser and then may move to make it available on the other platforms as well. Mac OS X with Chrome browser may allow the users to uninstall Skype app and use the one that is web-based. It will have the same notification icon appearing on the top menu to notify about the incoming video and audio calls and messages.

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