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Michelle Obama needs to drop a few pounds of flesh


Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatry contributor on Fox News has advised America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, to shed a few pounds of weight before she could be qualified to offer dieting advice to the public.

Ablow made this comment on Fox New’s Outnumbered show program where he stated that the First Lady need to be honest with herself in the face of her weight gain, and shed some pounds before telling others how to keep fit and healthy.

Dr. Keith Ablow was obviously agitated with what he referred to as the First Lady’s “hypocrisy” on the TV show. According to him, “I do dislike hypocrisy and I really do believe that people speaking about diet should be role models themselves, and I’m not sure if the First Lady is that role model.”

He later went on to say that “I’m not taking food advice from an American who dislikes America, who in many photographs during her tenure as First Lady is obviously not fit…”


Michelle Obama has a program that seeks to manage childhood obesity, and her First Move initiative has been on the forefront of health campaigns that harp on weight management and obesity and physical fitness. But according to Ablow, “she needs to drop a few” pounds herself, and to drive home his points, Ablow querried “how well could she be eating?”


Many people have been quick to condemn Dr. Ablow as a mere critic, and some others have stated that the psychiatrist’s criticisms are purely unfounded.


Many TV audiences do not seem to agree with the medical expert, and they see his statements as mere tirades directed at the presidency, but then others tend to agree with him and think the First Lady should actually watch her weight.

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