Michael Jackson’s collection had pornography and animal abuse images


As recently brought to light by Radar Online, a number of disturbing images of pornographic nature to do with young adolescent children have come up as being part of Michael Jackson’s personal collection.

The images feature young boys in the nude, some others with the faces of younger men transposed onto the bodies of slightly elder ones. If this doesn’t already take the cake, other images included acts of cruelty towards animals.

Radar Online also reported images of objects used to dull the senses of children, probably in a cold-effort to numb their senses, but whether to keep them from pain or refrain from resisting is unknown.

michael jackson


Michael Jackson has been notorious in the press as a child molester. There are a total of 5 young men, then boys, who would willingly account for being sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

During his trials, Michael admitted to the court that he would indeed have one young boy over the next in his bed repeatedly.

Michael was tried for child molestation in the year 2005, when he was accused of sexually abusing a 13-year old- Gavin Arvizo. The singer was acquitted of all charges and then later died of a heart-attack in the year 2009.

The pornographic images that have come up in the media were unearthed at Michael’s residence during the child molestation case, as part of evidence.

According to the Santa Barbara Authorities, these images were not handed over for public use by them. The only people with copies of these images were local law enforcement authorities, as well as the defense and prosecuting lawyers on the child-molestation case who were provided with the evidence as part of prescribed rules.

In response to the images that have come under the scrutiny of public opinion, Taj, son to Michael Jackson used his Twitter account to pass on a message saying this is all untrue and that he’s tired of folk that live-off the scandals in his life.

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