Home Entertainment “Mamta Kulkarni is only a well-wisher not my wife” : Vicky Goswami

“Mamta Kulkarni is only a well-wisher not my wife” : Vicky Goswami

Vicky Goswami alleged kingpin of the international drug mafia, who was reportedly married to former actress Mamta Kulkarni has claimed that the actress is not my wife.

“Mamta Kulkarni is only a well-wisher. She stood with me in difficult times but she is not my wife, I never married her.” He said During his conversation with a weekly magazine.

Earlier police suspect his rumored wife, Mamta Kulkarni is the front man for him, attending international meeting as Vicky is under surveillance and can’t travel abroad.

On this Goswami comes out on record and says, “people are talking rubbish about her. They don’t know what a kind soul she is. Why are people calling me Mamta Kulkarni’s husband? What husband? I swear I was never married to her. All they want is masala so that they can make a Bollywood potboiler on drug racket.”

Goswami also mentions the report claims she has been to south Africa, Singapore and America. He said “these reports and all is nonsense. If they want, they can come and check her passport. It clearly shows that she has never been to any of these places.”

He also expressed his fear that that America’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may kidnap him, and ruled out the possibility of coming back to India.

He added “Don’t be surprised if they (DEA) kidnap and take me to America tomorrow. How can I come to India? I can’t come to India as am on bond. I can’t leave Mombasa. I am a businessman with interests in several other countries. I am into gold, diamond mining other things “.

This is not the first time Goswami is charged of running a drug cartel. In 1997he was arrested for drug trafficking in Dubai and was given 15 years of imprisonment. Later he moved with Mamta to the kenya capital of Nairobi

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