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Magic Leap small augmented reality video, one GIANT LEAP for GAMING


Google Glass has been deemed by many in the tech world to be nothing short of a flop. It’s true that Google didn’t develop its Glass, software enough and relied on early previewers (developers) to make the experience better. It’s also true that the $1500 retail price tag for Google’s AR project didn’t exactly encourage sales, either.

So, is Google done with AR glass projects? No. Google Glass may not be headed anywhere at the moment, but Google’s still at work behind the scenes. The search engine giant has placed its money behind augmented reality company Magic Leap to the tune of $542 million.

A new video by augmented reality (AR) company Magic Leap shows the future of augmented reality and just how the technology could help users turn any environment into a gaming battleground. One video shows the ability to interact with the mobile Google Gmail icon that brings up your email as a wheel that you can scroll from top to bottom.


When not using email, you can load games and play them, watching your opponent turn even your workstation or office into the gaming environment. Gaming has always been thought of as “another world,” but AR seeks to add an extra dimension to reality rather than provide just a “virtual world” for gamers that can often seem extremely disconnected from real life.

Magic Life’s AR glasses would provide gesture controls as the means by which users would interact with on-screen operations.

Often, augmented reality and virtual reality are considered to be synonymous ideas. Contrary to this belief, however, augmented reality seeks to enhance reality as we know it (“augmented” means “addition”), while virtual reality seeks to enhance the imaginary world. While Samsung’s Gear VR headset, created with Facebook’s Oculus Rift software, Sony’s Morpheus headset, and HTC’s “Vive” headset with Valve are virtual reality headsets that seek to enhance the game experience on-screen and utilize an Android smartphone to do so, Magic Leap’s AR goggles seek to bring animated gaming to the world as we know it.


Could it be the case that Google may partner with Magic Leap to mass-produce its AR goggles? Could Google Glass arrive to market as a pair of “Leap” glasses? With Google and augmented reality, anything’s possible.

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