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Louise born with albinism sees Mother for the first time with glasses (+video)


Moms are way too special for all of us. The bond between a mother and child is so beautiful that it never needs to be explained. Here goes the lovely story of this adorable infant 8-month-old Louise, a resident of Denver.

In an unfortunate turn of life, Louise, daughter of Megan McMorris was born with albinism. Albinism is a disorder that affects pigment formation. As a result, Louise had no pigment in her body including hair and eyes.

Albinism is known to cause severe impairment of one’s vision. So, Louise was also battling serious problems with her sight, confirmed doting mother McMorris.


But a pair of scientifically designed specialized prescription glasses has changed the little girl’s life. Megan McMorris managed to make a video of her daughter’s special moment when Louise spread across a joyful smile after visualizing her mother for the first time. The video has gone viral and reported to have generated more than 3 million views within a fortnight.

This video has made its viewers emotional and happy at the same time. Megan said that the first time Louise could see her, her happiness was evident. She identified as her mother and didn’t cry at all.

Megan also said, with this glasses, Louise can now play with Mason, her elder brother; because with the return of her sight, Louise understands it better what is happening in her surroundings or what she is supposed to do. She can also reach out for things in the room, Megan was quoted saying.


Also, because of her damaged vision, Louise depends more on hearing. Therefore McMorris indulges into more and more singing in order to establish the better connection with her daughter. McMorris always knew that once she sings, Louise can hear her voice.

“I can sing to her, and I know she’s listening,” said McMorris. “It’s our thing. It’s a special moment,” the proud and happy mother added.

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