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Line app adds Hidden Chat option feature for encrypting messages


Line, a renowned smartphone messaging app, has updated its messaging features on Android and iOS by introducing an encrypted chat option. The said feature is similar to that of Silicon Valley’s Snapchat, which lets its users send texts and photos that vanish in a matter of seconds.

The disappearing chat option on Line can be discovered by tapping on the user’s name who is currently being chatted within the conversation window, and then choosing the Hidden Chat option. According to Line, all Hidden Chats are encrypted.

This latest feature basically offers to delete every single message from Line’s server after a certain period of time. This option will only work if both users have updated their Line app to its latest version.

Line’s Hidden Chat option may as well be a cue that privacy and security have become significant issues in the mobile social networking access. This trendsetter has helped the likes of Telegram Messaging to grab more users.


Apart from this feature, Line also made some improvements on its Timeline Notifications, with a few design and bug fixes.

There is also a timer feature which Line added to the Hidden Chat option. This was made for the users to pick and set as to what time their Hidden Chats will disappear. He said feature lets the users set a countdown timer for a message to self-destruct at any given time. It is very much like that of Snapchat’s. Users may choose from two seconds up to one week for the said feature.

Line noted, “This feature is perfect for sending messages containing sensitive information or images that you only want the recipient to see.”

Conversations using the Hidden Chat option will use a separate chat room from Line’s regular chat page. Line has faced many challenges since May. Hackers figured out a way to hijack accounts and send fraudulent messages to the users’ friends even though Line’s server was not compromised.

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