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Learn how to build a Star Wars like Death Star from a NASA engineer


Believing that they might turn out to be useful in the near future, a NASA engineer has come up with tips for building a Death Star, the amazing, but horrifying structure seen the Star Wars series.

Death Star, as all science fiction fans around the globe known, is a true legend in the history of sci-fi. It’s also one of the most fascinating attractions of this franchise. Rarely you will come across people, who don’t know about Death Star, irrespective of the fact whether they are fans of Star Wars or not.

Just a week is left before the release of the upcoming Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The NASA engineer’s decision of teaching people the art of creating a Death Star at this time of the year indicates that the hype is truly growing. Franchise fans around that globe are right now buzzing with excitement and seeing the track record of the series it can be said that they have more chances of being satisfied than not.


Brian Muirhead, the NASA engineer behind the tutorial for building a Death Star, is actually the chief engineer of the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL. This means he has the knowledge required for dealing with these subjects. However, according to Muirhead, it’s possible that the Empire has done it wrong.

The engineer said that he felt that instead of bringing materials to space, asteroids could have been used as raw materials for building the Death Star. He said that asteroids contain all the materials required for building a structure like the Death Star including organic compounds, water, metals, etc. Muirhead added that after getting access to all those materials all one would need to do to make the Death Star is slight polishing and incorporation of a bunch of Stormtroopers.

However, the NASA engineer has made it clear that the end product will not be exactly like the Death Star, but something every similar to it.


This suggestion made by Muirhead makes some real sense as it’s obvious that building something in space using an existing structure would be much easier than building an object after transporting materials from Earth.

Here, it must be mentioned that currently, Muirhead is also the head of the Asteroid Redirect Mission of NASA. Through this mission, NASA is trying to bring an asteroid into the orbit of the moon for research and mining.

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