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Leaked Surveys Show 23 Questions Asked To Would Be Jihadis


A series of leaked surveys that were given to would-be Jihadis who were to join  the ISIS show, have been given to Sky News, the broadcaster said on March 09, 2016. The survey consisted of 23 questions that make up for the rigorous ‘entrance interview’ of the terror group.

In this survey, recruits were asked to detail a host of information covering 23 fields including ‘previous jihadi experience’, blood type, nationality and birth date. The documents consisted of family contacts, names, phone numbers and addresses of jihadis who joined the Islamic State Group.

In these tens of thousands of forms, names of around 22,000 people from 51 countries have been revealed, who gave up personal information while joining the militant group.

The forms that showed this 23 question survey in Arabic were seen published online previously on a pro-opposition Syrian news website, Zaman Al Wasl.  Apart from giving their names, the ISIS recruits were asked to give their ‘mother’s maiden name’ and ‘fighter name’ too. They were asked to list down their ‘level of Sharia understanding’, ‘level of education’ and also if they had ‘fought before’.


These documents were obtained by a man known by the name Abu Hamed, a former free Syrian Army Member who joined the Islamic State Group.  He stole the memory stick of these documents and handed them to journalist in Turkey. He explained that he left the group since Islamic rules had collapsed.

MD of GlobalStrat, an international security and risk firm, Olivier Guitta stated that this leak indicated unhappiness and was a boost to security services. He further added that in large organizations, there is always a fight for power and one could see down a road for potential breakup of the group in various parts.

Even previous leaks of documents of IS have shown how bureaucratic the group is.

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