Home Entertainment Kendall Jenner punches photographer outside Paris Night Club

Kendall Jenner punches photographer outside Paris Night Club

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, the renowned model used to stay in her comfort space, and she usually doesn’t like Paparazzi invade her space. This time, she proved this in a strong style, as she punched a photographer outside Paris nightclub L’Arc on Thursday, March 3.

Kendall Jenner punched the photographer as he got a little too close for comfort to Jenner. Her model friend Gigi Hadid was also present during the clash.

This extreme move from Jenner has fetched mixed reactions from the entertainment sector, and some people are of the opinion that this is not the right way to react.

According to witness reports, Kendall Jenner allegedly at the paparazzi before her bodyguard jumped in. The bodyguard also scolded the photographer for getting too close to the girls. Sources close to Jenner claim that the model became very irritated due to the non-welcome moves from the photographer.

Kendall Jenner punches photographer outside Paris Night Club (

Photos show Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid arguing with the photographer who entered their comfort space while leaving a Paris Fashion Week Party.

Jenner is known for expressing her fury towards paparazzi in the past too. Recently, the model wrote a post in her website and app stating that there are many moments when paparazzi scares her. The model also made it clear that she is more concerned about the safety of others, especially during the time of driving.

Jenner added that she will not hesitate to call paparazzi a** holes if they act as a threat to other people’s lives. According to Kendall Jenner, a paparazzi is not only killing themselves, but he is also killing other innocent people. She also made it clear that celebrities too deserve privacy which has a crucial role in the life of every individual.

As per Jenner, it is so dehumanizing to have zero privacy, even though the affected person is a celebrity.

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