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Jared Leto’s beard shave jacks up Tonight Show ratings

NBC Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has that uncanny talent of being good at a lot of things, most of which are perhaps tied up to his comedic hosting prowess for NBC’s Tonight Show.

Fallon has tried to dance and sing of course, but one thing that many may probably remember is his ability to convince and well, give guests a good shave which was something he showed off an unaware guest in Jared Leto.

Everything started when Fallon gave one friendly advice to Leto, asking him to take the beard down a tad bit. Leto somehow agreed and that he has been asked to resurrect himself in a sense, a trim to which could probably be needed soon.

Well, soon came in an instant with Fallon seemingly ready to trim some of Leto’s beard, something that obviously had the actor worried at first.
But as Fallon went on to trim Leto’s beard, the result was not that bad. In fact, it gained approval from the audience, a new talent that Fallon has shown off which later on did wonders for the TV show.


The show benefitted from it, particularly in the ratings department. The show shot up in the ratings game thanks to that impromptu segment, turning out an average of 1.14 rating in adults 18-49 and 4.002 million viewers overall. That was the top mark of the show for both categories since the week of June 9-13.


What could the unpredictable Jimmy Fallon think of next and on whom?

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