Jaguar worker crushed on F-type production line in Castle Bromwich

One of the workers at the Castle Bromwich production had an accident when he got crushed by the Jaguar F-type body. Quick respond by the colleagues helped the injured worker save his life. As many as 30 co-workers uplifted the F-type and pulled out their fellow member. Jaguar Land Rover has launched an investigation into it.

To maintain the anonymity, the worker had not been named but used to work on the F-type assembly line when on Monday the semi-assembled car crushed him. Other workers reported that they briskly responded in a group of 20-30 people and lifted the car’s body and pulled out the colleague.

“I am confident that without the help of myself and many of my other colleagues prying the car off of him, this would have ended as a fatality,” one of the workers said.

One of workers reported that he was there when it started happening, and car’s body didn’t fell all at once but there was an issue in the carrier and axles on which it sat.

Suddenly the car started falling and pinned down the colleague. The F-type did a damage to an extent the worker now has multiple broken ribs and wasn’t even able to scream when he was under the car. In 60 seconds, the worker went unconscious.

As of now, the worker is stable and will soon recover out of this within an estimated period of two months. As a result of this, Jaguar has stopped the production on this line, and will continue after the investigation is complete.

Jaguar has denied making any further comments on this situation till the inquiry on it continues. This could be an attempt to murder the person, or there may be some technical issues that let this accident happen.

It is often rare that the company on manufacturing line uses outdated production equipment or those that have been marked as dangerous.

Apart from that, the F-Type is a two-seater sports car made on the fundamentals of XK convertible. It is an eight-speed car with different variants of the engine. Tagged with a price tag of $68,100 this car is one of top luxurious sports cars.


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