India and Sri Lanka will lock horns for the second T20 fixture on February 12, 2016, on the dry, dusty pitch of Ranchi.

The match begins at 2 pm GMT. Live TV coverage is available on Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 1 HD.Click here for the live streaming link.Viewers in India can Watch on Doordarshan National, Star Sports 3.

Viewers in India can Watch on Doordarshan National, Star Sports 3.TV listing: Star Sports 1, 3, HD1 & HD3.

It is hoped that the Indians will not be groping in the dark as they had done in Pune. Frankly, the men in blue did not know a bit about the pitch in Pune. They also did not know much about the Sri Lankan second

They also did not know much about the Sri Lankan second string seam attack. In facts no one knew. It was a year of mediocre performances and the Big Whigs all recuperating in the sick bay.

At least, this cannot be said about Ranchi since captain Dhoni must know the pitch as the back of his palm.
Earlier in what can be described as a rude shock,

Captain Dhoni described it as an English track. Dhoni will be leading his side in his backyard, and the fan expectation must be sky high. Dhoni in all probability could be expecting a bone dry pitch. The ground is hosting a T20 match for the first time.

Indian Team Director Ravi Shastri on Thursday said that he aimed to play all possible combination to perfect the best squad before the forthcoming World T20 championship next month.

Ranchi, which happens to be the hometown of the Indian skipper, was the last minute replacement for Delhi, which was originally scheduled to host the game. ‘Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) ‘had exactly 13 days to get the ground ready.

The city is all agog to see their prodigal son play for the last time for India on his home ground as reported by Hindu. India has never lost any game here in the three previous one-day fixtures. In all the tree inning runs in the vicinity of 300 have been scored.

Having made a clean sweep 3-0 of the kangaroos in their backyard, the expectations to do akin will be high for the Indians despite the fact that they are trailing 1-0. The Indians must be still smarting from the five wickets defeat handed over by a sprightly and young Sri Lankan side.



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