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Imitation: The Features Of iOS 16 That Android Had First


Imitation is said to be the purest form of flattery. When it comes to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android delivering the same functionality, however, it’s a case of two systems trying to keep up. While Apple and Google’s operating systems offer similar capabilities, there’s always a difference between the two—enough that you might wonder if the phone you’re holding is the one you want.

What Are the Similarities?

At its developer conference this week, Apple unveiled iOS 16. It has a slew of new features, including a revamped Lock screen and widgets. You couldn’t help but notice parallels between what Apple was doing and what Google was doing.

Apple said that the next software update would bring a new iCloud Shared Photo Library feature to its ecosystem. By simply adding images to a photo library, you’ll soon be able to share them with friends and family.

iOS Same As Android

iCloud, like Google Photographs, will allow you to share both new and old photos. Everyone in the folder will be able to add, remove, edit, and favourite selected photographs and videos, much like in Google’s photo suite.


You can still track your walks without the Apple Watch, but iOS 16 adds the ability to track other activities with the Fitness app and the iPhone’s built-in motion sensors. Within compatible third-party apps, the iPhone can count your steps, distance walked, and any workouts you undertake, and they’re all tallied against your daily fitness objectives.


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