Imagine Windows 95 on an Apple Watch? You’re allowed to take your time

Apple Watch

Nick Lee managed to load a copy of Windows 95 on an Apple Watch on the 30th of April. If you’re wondering how he detailed a process on how you could get this done you. What he also mentions is, you’ll probably lose your warranty if you did it.

An Apple watch may be limited in its processing power in today’s day and age but is far superior to computing systems built in the 1990’s. Back then, computers were available with a hard drive size of 512MB. Today, the Apple Watch comes with 512MB of RAM, a 520MHz processor and a whopping 8GB of storage space.

With the right amount of processing power, Neil managed to get the Window’s operating platform up and running.

The Apple Watch, however, doesn’t follow the same touch-navigation presets as the iPhones, which would mean that the key on the watch would need to be used. Instead, Neil modified the files in the WatchKit app with files from Xcode’s iPhoneOS and iPhoneSimulator platforms. The result would make the application interactive over the touch screen.

According to Neil, it will take you about an hour to load Windows 95 on your Apple Watch because it will be an emulated copy and not a virtualized one. The trick to getting it loaded is to keep the Apple Watch perpetually awake during the installation process. He mentions, he achieved this by hot gluing a mini motor to the watch’s key to ensure it stayed awake.

Neil has also had the Mac OS 7.5.5. Running smoothly on the Apple Watch with the help of a Mini, vMac Emulator. If you wish to try loading Windows 95 on your Apple Watch, Neil’s instructions are mentioned in a step-by-step fashion at GitHub. Just be careful not to ruin the crown on your Watch if you decide to use hot glue too.


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