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IISC reports lakes in Bangalore the most contaminated

Bangalore Ulsoor Lake

The recent study done by Indian Institute of Science(IISc) have found out that Bangalore has seen the highest mortality rate of fish than any other state in the Country.

If one looks at some of the recent reports of the state it does not come as a surprise.  On Tuesday it was reported that large number of fish were found dead in Ulsoor Lake. This is not the first of its kind incident that has happened in Bangalore.

Two months prior to this incident thousands of fish were found dead in the lake due to sewage problem. In order to prevent calamities like this a 3.5-foot wall was to be erected to stop the flow of sewage into the water but no actions have been implemented so far.

Ulsoor alke and urbanisation


Ulsoor Lake is known to be one of the most inhabitable lake for fish because it falls under Class E of Inland surface water. Under this category the lake is inhabitable for neither breeding or sustenance of fish and nor for the drinking purpose.

According to Professor T V Ramachandra of the center for Ecological Science, IISc says “All lakes in Bengalore are contaminated due to the discharge of untreated sewage into it. Whereas the sustained inflow of untreated sewage into the Ulsoor Lake has flooded the aquatic ecosystem with nutrients.”

He also pointed out that a number of elements have played a huge role in the destruction in water bodies in Bangalore. One of the major factor is sewage water which contains organic components, human waste, detergent phosphate and nitrate.

Other than this it can also be attributed to urbanization playing a very prominent role in the destruction of water bodies. The study reveals that sewage water flow in almost 90% of this lake. This study draws a very poor picture of the state and the destruction of nature in it.

Ulsoor lake unhabitable condition

The other main flak that the state has received is the carelessness attitude of the governing bodies there. No strict action has been implemented so far, neither have the authorities taken the complains of the people seriously regarding the current incident in Ulsoor Lake.

Professor T V Ramachandra not only draws out the deteriorating condition of lakes in the state. But the study has also emphasized on the steps that can be taken to make it habitable again.

According to the study aeration is the solution for it. Not only does it remove the Hydrogen Sulphide but will also increase DO level. It will cut on the bad odour in the lake and improve the quality of water.

But the question now remains to be asked is how soon will the Government pay heed to it. If looking at the incident which have been happening in the state it is very clear that this may not be the last of the incident.

Major steps need to be taken and it has to be taken at the earliest. Major development is needed but the authorities needs to ensure that it should not come under the expense of nature.

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