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Hunga Tonga volcano eruption formed a South Pacific island for TOURISTS


Among the wide range of natural entities existing on this planet the one kind that evokes a lot of interest is volcano. We often see news on volcanoes cropping up and making headlines. The most recent volcano-related news is about an underwater volcano in Tonga.

Scientists are saying that an island located around 45 kilometers north-west of Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tonga, has been formed due to an underwater volcano eruption. The island in question is 500 m long, and the volcano hold responsible for forming it is called Hunga Tonga. The eruption causing the formation of this new island began in December, 2014.

Island 1

A boat moving several hundred meters away from the zone of eruption managed to capture a video that shows clouds of gas coming out of the sea. Some satellite images that were taken only after a few days following the eruption clearly showed formation of new rocks and increased levels of sediments on the seabed.


Island 2

Another major change noticed was a huge circular crater beside the two small islands, both of which already existed.

A photographer, who happens to be a resident of the main island in Tonga, captured some striking images of the newly formed island; all those images were taken from the island’s surface.

Island 3

The island has already started to get tourists. A Tonga hotelier Gianpiero Orbassano visited the island along with a couple of friends. Orbassano described the volcanic island as a pretty solid land area and said that it’s located at quite a high altitude.


Tourists can think of spending some hours in this island as according to Orbassano the place is safe. According to him, the only difficulty one would face when visiting the island would be adjusting to the high temperature of the place.

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