How to Create a Safe Environment for Your Pet


Coming home to a beloved pet at the end of a hard day can relieve stress and evoke feelings of happiness. Furry companions provide unconditional love to caring owners and are a joy to have around the home. In fact, it can be difficult leaving them home alone. To make the separation easier, make sure you create a safe environment for your pet to live in. Here are a few practical pointers to help you look after your pet.

Secure Bins and Cupboards

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what your pet gets up to when you’re not there? Our four-legged friends are curious creatures and you can be sure they are wandering around the home and sniffing out an adventure. However much you may want to imagine your pet being safe at home, you need to take precautions. Cats and dogs have a powerful sense of smell, which is one of the reasons why they come running when you begin preparing their meals. A high curiosity drive combined with an advanced smelling capacity could mean that bins and cupboards get raided on occasion. Unfortunately, your pet could find chemicals and medication in cupboards, and an unemptied bin could contain expired food. To ensure the safety of your animal, make sure you keep a lid on your bins and add child locks to your cupboards.

Remove Hazards

Besides securing bins and cupboards, try to identify and remove potential hazards. For example, fresh flowers may look great in the living room, but some varieties are downright fatal for some animals. Try not to leave plates of food lying about either. Although you may feed scraps to a begging dog, food such as chocolate and onions can be incredibly toxic to canines. In addition, try to get into the habit of putting away products as soon as you are finished with them so that your pet doesn’t accidentally ingest anything poisonous or a potential choke hazard.

Visit the Vets

Visiting the vet may not be your pet’s favorite thing to do, but it is something you need to do as a responsible pet owner. Although this tip is more of a precautionary measure, vets can spot abnormalities and changes in your furry friend. Once identified, you can take measures to make your pet well again. Reputable veterinarian practices, such as easyvet, provide an array of services to help you look after your animal’s wellbeing. This includes administering vaccinations and giving them the correct amount of flea, tick and worming medications.


Keep Them Cool

If you feel warm you can turn the fan on or peel a layer off. If your dog gets warm, they reduce their temperature by panting. Unfortunately, they cannot cool down by taking off their fur coat and your pooch cannot inform you if they are overheating – especially if they are home alone. To ensure they are as comfortable as can be, always make sure you provide them with enough fresh water and put down a cooling mat for them to use should they feel the need to.

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