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Honda increases global recall total after additional recalls in China


BEIJING, China: Honda Motor Co. (NYSE: HMC) is recalling 527,136 vehicles amid growing concern globally around the Takata (TYO: 7312) airbags that has been linked to five fatalities globally. Takata has been in the news for several months after it was found that the air bags can deploy with too much force, causing metal components within the mechanism to become flying shrapnel. The deaths that have been linked to the failure have only raised a limited amount of concern from Takata as the company has been slow to take any responsibility for the issues.

The automotive industry has been loaded with vehicle recalls over the last year – as General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) has seen one of its most-turbulent years in the history of the company. Total recalls for GM have exceeded 20 million vehicles. That though isn’t the only recall that will be coming at the hands of Honda. The company noted that they would also be recalling 26,128 Elysion minivans that were produced between the years of 2012 and 2014, the company noted.


The impacts though for Takata will undoubtedly be huge. While the company continues to argue that the issues are not with the airbags that are being produced, but with the individual automakers that are impacted – it’s an issue that is growing more consistent – as more vehicles are impacted. “Because of the increasing use of common components, carmakers can be extremely vulnerable if a single, key supplier like Takata fails in quality,” an auto analyst at the Tokai Tokyo Research Center.



He then went on to point out that “Honda and other carmakers will have to switch to other suppliers in the long term.” Ultimately, this is where the company stands to lose the most. While several automakers have been included in this failure and recall – including Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and more – Takata could lose most, if not all of their business from this single issue, which the company also refuses to take responsibility for.


Honda though for now is not announcing that they will be done with recalls – at least not at the moment. Moving forward the company noted that they would continue analyzing the situation, and ensure that any additional vehicles that needed to be recalled – would be effectively recalled.

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