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Hawk attacks drone, knocking it out of the sky (+video)


A bothered hawk seems to view the flying drone as a threat and attacked it mid-air in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The whole attack scene was captured in a video footage which was uploaded in YouTube and has now 300,000 views.

Christopher Schmidt, a computer programmer and owner of the FC40 drone was the one controlling it on the ground when the hawk attacked. Schmidt said that he usually takes it out many times weekly and in this particular day, he attached a GoPro Hero 3+ Black to take a video of the trees that are changing color.

As he was doing this, he noticed that a hawk was circling near the drone’s spot and he tried to move it out of away. Before he could even do so, the circling hawk attacked the drone from above and Schimdt decided to turn off the motor in order not to harm the attack and causing it to fall on the ground.


When asked about the incident, Schmidt sent an e-mail describing the incident stating that “I first thought, that will be an interesting shot, and then, as it hits the drone, I thought kill the motors so I don’t hurt the hawk!” He also confirmed that both the hawk and the drone are doing ok and was not harmed.


This is not the first time that birds are attacking drones in the sky. Last 2013, researchers also encountered the same problem as a hawk attacked it mid-air. Most of the drones dispatched in the air are used for research but it seems like most birds are not really accommodating when sharing the sky to unfamiliar creatures like drones.

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