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‘Government Betraying India,’ Rahul Gandhi Says On US General’s Ladakh Remark


In the wake of concern over Chinese infrastructure projects along the India border, Rahul Gandhi blasted the govt on Friday, a day after the government stated that it has taken appropriate precautions to protect sovereign territory in the face of the progress. “China is laying the groundwork for potential hostile action. The administration is dishonoring India (sic) by neglecting it “Gandhi sent out a tweet on Friday.

He quoted a remark from a US general in a paper on China’s border infrastructure construction in his tweet. ‘The [Chinese] level of activity is eye-opening,’ General Charles A Flynn, Commanding General, United States Army Pacific, remarked on Wednesday about the Line of Ultimate Control. The PLA’s Western Theatre Command is constructing some worrisome equipment.

One must inquire ‘why’ and receive an answer as to what their aims are.”

During his four-day tour to India, the US general met with India’s army leader, General Manoj Pande. The LAC serves as India’s de facto border with China.


Opponents, though, reacted angrily to the remarks. ‘We need to have a US general to inform us that the condition in Ladakh as a result of Chinese plans and operations is ‘worrisome’ and ‘eye-opening,’ AIMIM’s Asaddudin Owaisi said on Thursday.

‘It’s a pity that my inquiries on the issues were disallowed in Parliament, and no debate on Chinese border activity has occurred. The administration should be ashamed that an outsider has to inform us this in Delhi,’ he had said.

‘The Indian government has implemented several initiatives in past years to enhance facilities along border regions,’ foreign ministry spokeswoman Arindam Baghchi further said Thursday, amid opponents’ attacks. To protect territorial integrity and sovereignty, the government is taking all necessary and suitable actions.’

Beijing, on the other hand, has dismissed the US general’s remarks. Some US personnel have expressed outrage in an attempt to stoke the fire and draw a rift between the two nations. ‘This is a deplorable situation. We expect that the US will do more to promote regional peace and security’ Zhao Lijian, a representative for China’s foreign ministry, added.


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