Google Play will let you share paid movies and apps with upto six people

Google will now allow sharing of every digital content or application purchased from the Play Store with up to six persons.

To share your purchases, you just need to sign up for the Google Play Family Library and add the individuals to your family group. A maximum of six family members may be added.

This type of sharing is already available with the family plan of the Google Play Music which allows you to share the paid music subscription between your family members.

Google charges absolutely nothing extra for using the Google Play Family Library to share paid contents. Only a credit card is required to be saved as the primary payment method in order use the sharing service.

To prevent misuse of the saved credit card, Google will notify the main account holder by email for every transaction processed.

Additionally, a minor family member will not be allowed to make a transaction without authorization from the main account owner.

Any family member can use a gift card or any other payment method to buy contents or make in-app purchases.

Although Google defines a family member to be a parent, child or sibling, the company has no clear method to verify them. This means anyone can be added to the family group as long you trust them with the credit card.

Similar to the Google Play Music’s family plan where an email or phone number is the only information needed to add a member.
This initiative of Google is exactly similar to Apple’s iCloud Family Sharing.

The later allows a similar group of six family members to access purchased contents from iTunes, App Store, iBooks without requiring to share a single Apple ID.

Apple also has Apple Music similar to Google Play Music whose family music subscription plan costs $14.99/£14.99 per month, exactly same to that of Google’s.

Apple have started this family sharing scheme way before than Google. Although late in bringing this service, the sheer quantity of Android devices in the world is a great advantage for Google.
Via – techradar


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