Google Boston Dynamics Humanoid Atlas takes stride in woods

The two-legged robot designed by the Boston Dynamics, a Google-owned company, is ready to take the walks in forests with you. After it had several tests in the laboratory, scientists made it walk in the woods and was perfect just like in the labs.

The agile anthropomorphic robot developed by the company has been equipped with the some serious technology to help the robot move and balance itself on the two legs. Making it walk on the concrete debris and hitting with an object moving in a pendulum-like motion — all of these weren’t any close in making this robot fall.

However, the real world is an entirely different challenge and is uncontrolled, unlike the laboratories. This robot successfully walked in the woods, among the bushes and several other places without hitting the ground. Scientists say that currently the robot is tethered with wires for the power supply but will soon have a version with batteries fitted into it.

The mechanism in the legs and the central body part has the advanced sensors to make the robot walk on any surface. Its legs make it balance the center of gravity and protect it from falling on the ground.

This is just another groundbreaking achievement in the field of advanced robotics, and Boston Dynamics will soon have even better robots with even more powerful artificial intelligence.

This isn’t the first time when the Boston Dynamics has designed a walking robot, but earlier the bots they designed were of the four legs – capable enough to briskly walk on any kind of surface and open the doors.

These robots have been made to learn such things by allowing them read and sense the environment. More they learn, more they can react to a situation.

This new two-legged robot reminds of a movie called like Chappie. Days aren’t far when we will have self-talking robots reacting as if they are just like us.

Apart from that, MIT Robotics Department also a developed a robot for the annual DARPA robotic competition. Named as Hermes, the robot can imitate the actions of a human being wearing a specially-designed exoskeleton.

As per the details, the robot is capable of pouring the liquid from one container to another, carry an object and also punch hard in the wall that it creates a hole in there. This is the real power we can see there. MIT and DARPA may work together to put this robot for emergency rescue plans.


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