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Google Android now free from Google+, Newsstand and other two apps


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has decided to pull off four of the company made apps from the Android builds. Device manufacturers can now get rid of the Google+, Google Newsstand, Google Play Games and Google Play Books apps.

The Internet giant made this decision as most of the people don’t even consider using them, instead the apps now have been moved to Play Store. Google Play Games is a imperative tool to those who have games on their smartphones that store the progress on the cloud. Playable games such as Clash of Clan, often identify and load your village via the Facebook sign-in (which actually doesn’t work) and Google Play Games. Google Play Games tells you your ranking among your friends as well – so that’s an added advantage only if you play such games.

Regarding the Google+ app removal, Alphabet’s child company has already decided to give up on the social networking website and take down of this “bloatware” is no big deal.

Then there are other apps from Google, including Google Newsstand and Google Play Books. These have also been considered as bloatware or apps that aren’t of any use.


Any new updates from the Google or device manufacturers would reflect the changes mentioned above.

Apart from this, customers often made requests to the companies for installing the apps that were present on their previous smartphone. However, that is not feasible as companies cannot install the operating systems with specified apps in the each of millions of the smartphones it ships everyday.

Best choice would be simply going to the Play Store and then downloading the apps from the Installed Apps section.


Apart from this, other companies should also work forward and get rid of the real bloatware they install on the smartphones. To be very honest, smartphones such as OnePlus 2 and OnePlus One only have apps that have been made by the Google, whereas Samsung, Sony or any other company installs a non-removable useless Store and other apps. Nobody uses them when better one is available on Google Play Store.

Companies should stop investing in building such apps and then pushing them on the smartphones.

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