Home Entertainment ‘No Good Deed’ wins box office weekend with $24 million

‘No Good Deed’ wins box office weekend with $24 million


Despite its poor reviews by film critics, the Thriller movie led by Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson still managed to pull in a respectable amount, even without a promotional screening tour.

According to reports, Sony decided to ditch all planned events to keep viewers in suspense when they ought to see the movie; making the plot a bigger mystery seeing that nobody (not even the press) would know what the film entailed.

It pulled off in the end. $24 million is huge when one is to look at the way the movie was promoted by the distributing firm. But while Sony is enjoying its unexpected success with its newest release, the same can’t be said for Warner Bros’ Dolphin Tale 2.

The sequel to 2011’s family film failed to appeal to its demographic audience the second time around, reportedly only pulling in $4.2 million on Friday, yet still managing to snag up the second spot at the box office.


Dolphin Tale 2 didn’t come cheap either. Thanks to the computer generated imagery effects and overpaid actors including Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman, it brought the film’s production budget up to a staggering $32 million. Ouch.

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Marvel is still holding on tight at number three with Guardians of the Galaxy which made another $8 million, bringing the adventure film to a total of $300 million in domestic earnings, while its worldwide lifetime gross now stands at $595 million.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is expected see its final week in the top five, landing at number four with an estimated $5 million while Let’s Be Cops finishes behind with $4.5 million.

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