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Golden Joystick Award for game of the year goes to Dark Souls II


Today, there’s award for almost everything associated with the world of technology; so, there’s award of games also. The most prestigious award of them all is the Golden Joystick Award. This year’s Golden Joystick Awards have been announced, and the action role playing video game Dark Souls II has been crowned as the Game of the Year.

There are some specific reasons behind the immense popularity of Dark Souls II; those are also the reasons that made the game the Game of the Year. The first thing one would notice about the game is refinement in graphical freedom and controls. These are the factors that created problems in the transition of Dark Souls, the predecessor of Dark Souls II, from gaming consoles to PC.


With the refinement done, the game is now equally compatible to all platforms. Dark Souls II, however, surely includes the brutal play, which made Dark Souls and Demon Souls so popular across people of all age groups.


Like in Dark Souls, the gameplay is also extremely difficult in Dark Souls II. Here also, the game doesn’t show any intent to assist the players as they try to find ways to overcome the moody environment. It’s a game that has been designed to make players believe that although they have the qualities required to proceed, their chances are pretty vague. So, you will love this game if you love real challenges.

While this year’s Golden Joystick Game of the Year Award has gone to Dark Souls II, there’s one more third person role playing game that might be in line of getting the honor at the Golden Joystick Award ceremony of 2015. Being a sequel that includes every single component that most gamers missed in the original version, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has propelled the creation of the most loved game of 2014 i.e. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Golden Joystick Award is a joint effort from Green Man Gaming and Computer and Video Games. This year’s event, which was held in London on Saturday, October 24, is the 32nd edition of the award.

Often this prestigious award is referred to as the people’s choice award for gaming. According to data put up by organizers, this year’s event saw as many as 9 million votes coming from gamers. Here, it should also be noted that for every vote submitted, organizers offer digital keys of video games.

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