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General Motors recalls 73,424 Chevrolet Cobalts over faulty airbags


General Motors (NASDAQ: GM) has made a recall for more than 73,000 Lordstown made Chevrolet Cobalt over an issue that prevents the opening of airbags during an accident. The company is making a recall of 59,474 and 13,950 2010 Cobalt models in the United States and Canada respectively.

General Motors said the wiring near the door for the airbags is improper and prevents them from inflating in time. The wire gets damaged easily which prevents the roof-mounted airbag to open in time or open at all.

Reports suggest that the company is aware of one accident that has happened due to this issue and has already started notifying the owners to bring their cars to the service center.

This is the probably the second recall in a year’s period. Last year company recalled millions of Cobalts over the ignition switch that made the car stop the engine whenever it was on the move and from starting it.


As of airbags are concerned, the company is expected to cover all of the cars within a period of a month or two.

Apart from this, German automobile giant Volkswagen has also made a recall of the cars over the same issue. As reported, the car had issues with clock spring near the steering wheel which didn’t allow the airbags to open during the accident.

So far, not a single case was reported but the company is making a recall of all the models that were manufactured in between 2010 and 2014. The name of cars includes Passat, Golf, Jetta and Tiguan.

Volkswagen reported that the due to the presence of debris, dust and other particles the wire gets damaged and the car fails to open the airbag in time.


These issues are life threatening, and companies shouldn’t hurry for launching the product, but do an intense testing so as to ensure the safety of vehicles.

Every day, people around the world die in the road accidents, it is the responsibility of the companies to ensure the safety of people relying much on their vehicles.

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