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Fujifilm’s X-T10 is easy on the eyes – and easier on the wallet


Fujifilm’s got a new DSLR camera out for those who are currently looking for a new device with an easier price tag than the legendary Fujifilm X-T1. The new camera is called the Fujifilm X-T10.

The first thing you’ll want to notice about the device is the price tag. Whereas the current X-T1 costs $1600 or so, the new X-T10 will cost no more than $1,100 – a $500 savings. While some people only pay attention to the price tag, however, you’ll need to keep in mind that the new X-T10 does come with some drawbacks. While you’ll still get the 16MP sensor that’ll shoot photos at 8fps, the same ISO settings, the same OLED eye finder of the X-T1, Wi-Fi controls, and video recording at 1080p and with 60fps, you will not find the water-resistance in the X-T10 that was part of the X-T1; you’ll have to adjust to not having a focal-plane shutter, but instead, opt for a fully electronic shutter in the X-T10.

You’ll have to also trade out the ISO dial, a focus-assist button, and the excellent handgrip of the X-T1. Focus peaking settings are still a part of the settings, but they won’t be as easily accessible as before.


If you can see past the tradeoffs, however, you’ll notice the advantages: the faster electronic shutter speed, the new live-view tiltable liquid crystal display (LCD), built-in pop-up flash, and Auto Switch. The X-T10 will still have super-fast autofocus, so you’re getting a top-performing camera with a few additional bells and whistles but a few losses as well.

Regardless of the benefits and drawbacks, as with any decision, the ultimate buying choice is yours. You can wait to see if Fujifilm drops its X-T1 price soon, but if the water resistance and manual buttons aren’t that relevant to you, the X-T10 is as close to the ideal (X-T1) as you can get.

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