Freedom 251: Adcom To Sue Ringing Bells for displaying smartphones

Troubles continue to mount for Freedom 251, which claimed to be the cheapest smartphone of the world. As per latest turn of events, Advantage Computers (Adcom), the domestic feature phone brand claimed of taking legal action against Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd., the Noida-based manufacturer.


Ringing Bells had unveiled ‘Freedom 251’ last month and during the launch, some ‘prototypes’ was distributed to the media which turned to be Adcom handsets. Although the company maintained that the handsets were only ‘samples’ and that the real product would be different with all promised features, Adcom did not fall for it.


Sanjeev Bhatia, the chairman and founder of Adcom stated that this incident grieves the company wherein their mobile phone is presented to the people just for Rs.251, and therefore, legal actions would be taken against the enterprise if the brand name is affected or if they suffer from losses.


Further, he stated that they didn’t have any clue about the reselling plans of the company and they just sold handsets to Ringing Bells the way they sell it to lakhs of users. There is still confusion about their pricing policy because the handsets were sold at a price of Rs.3, 600 per unit.


Earlier, Ringing Bells’ Noida offices were shut down on Thursday due to land ownership issues with Noida Authority. Even the Enforcement Directorate questioned the CEO of Ringing Bells, Mohit Goel, over the price of this smartphone. Ringing Bells has claimed to have returned the money that it has generated from first 30,000 pre-booking orders on the first day of sale this month.

The company has decided that from now on, ‘cash on delivery’ mode of payment would be offered to those who are placing an order for this ‘Freedom 251’ This would explain misgivings and ensure transparency.


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