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Ford recalls 65000 Fusion models after successful unveiling of GT 350


Ford Motor Co revealed on Tuesday that it has called back 65,000 Fusion models in North America because the key can be removed from the ignition key hole even when the car is not in the parked position. The issue to our readers may seem trivial, but the said trivial issue blatantly violates United States safety regulations and runs the risk of cars rolling away while in motion. In addition, Ford has said that it has not known of any accidents or injuries obtained as a result of the key-ignition issue.

The underlying issue in the 65000 Fusion models is probably produced by some programming fault in the instrument cluster of the models. In a micro view, the affected cars are the Fusion sedans from 2014 and 2015, including the primary versions, Enerji and hybrid versions.


Furthermore, Ford revealed that out of the 65000 Fusion sedans it has called back, 56500 sedans are registered in the United States, 6000 sedans in Canada and 2350 sedans in Mexico. In order for compensation to the affected customers, Ford will fix the problems in the affected models that will be brought into dealerships and will do it at absolutely no cost incurred on the affected customer’s account.


Ironically, Ford’s Fusion models sedans are Ford’s best-selling sedans in the United States, and its sales by the end of October this year have been 250,000, an approximate 20% increase from the last 10 months, and the public nature of the issue is surely going to hit the sales of the Fusion models in a bad way.


On the flip side, the clock is ticking down until the long and impatiently awaited public unveiling of the new Ford Mustang GT 350. According to wild speculation conducted by industry experts and Ford Mustang aficionados, the Mustang GT 350 could be rolled out either this December or early 2015. The Ford Mustang GT 350 is truly a unique specimen of beauty and optimum car performance.

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