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Ford recalls over 200,000 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX for fuel leaks


Ford has recalled even more vehicles Wednesday amid concerns that corrosion in brackets could cause rusting, leaking, and eventually fires in vehicles that were sold in cold weather states. The recall impacts 205,000 vehicles, and even includes portions of Canada. The recall comes just one month after another recall brought back 850,000 vehicles to Ford’s garages. As of this moment, no injuries or deaths have been associated with the recall. However, Ford is not wasting any time, and being ultra-aggressive with getting this recall taken care of.

The impacted vehicles are the Ford Edge, as well as the Lincoln MKX. The vehicle model years associated with the recall are 2007 and 2008 only, right now. The corrosion is said to be due to the building of salt, and use of salt on roads in the northern parts of the United States, and ultimately the cause for this issue in the first place.


Dealers will be inspecting the fuel tanks, and naturally, the corrections will be made at no cost to the owner. However, this is just one of the most-recent problems the auto industry is facing. It has been a long and tumultuous year for automakers like General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler who have all faced serious recall issues. None have been as notable as General Motors recall in the last calendar year – topping nearly 30 million vehicles, but this is just the latest example of customers having their faith challenged in these automakers.


20 states in the United States, as well as the Washington, DC area, were all included in the recall, as well as 7 providences from Canada.

Ford will likely remain under intense scrutiny as they continue to deal with the growing problems within the auto industry as a whole. Many consumers have grown weary of automakers because there is a growing sentiment that productivity is being put in front of human life. For example, General Motors recalled nearly 30 million vehicles in the last 12 months – yet the year previous to that saw far less recalls from the industry as a whole.


As the government, and regulators step in to keep the people driving these vehicles safe, many are left wondering what the industry as a whole has come to.

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