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Fish oil can prevent psychotic disorders in people at maximum risk


Researchers are now claiming that eating more fish or consuming fish oil supplements regularly might help in preventing psychosis in people at maximum risk of developing such mental health disorders.

During the study, researchers found that a having fish oil capsules daily for three months can notably reduce the incidence of psychotic disorders in young people. The study showed that the improvement caused by fish oil persisted even when mental health of those people was checked after seven years.

It’s true that the above-mentioned findings are quite intriguing. However, one has to keep it in mind that they are put forward by a small study involving young adults and teenagers. To prove that the findings are true for everyone and make recommendations, studies will have to be carried out on much bigger groups.

Previously, University of Melbourne’s Paul Amminger told that consuming fish oil capsules daily for three months can prevent occurrence of psychotic illnesses in young adults and teens aged between 13 and 24 years and at high risk of having those mental illnesses. Now, seven years after revealing those findings, Amminger’s team has revisited 71 participants of the previous study (the study had 81 participants in al). They found that the protective effects of fish oil appeared to persist even after seven years.


In the report published in the journal Nature Communications, scientists have written that just 4 people in the group receiving fish oil therapy developed psychosis in these seven years; a total of 41 individuals were given fish oil during the trial. On the contrary, as many as 16 people in the placebo group of 40 have developed psychosis in the last seven years.


Also, people belonging to the placebo group appeared to fall prey to psychosis more quickly compared to those consuming fish oil capsules. The chances of having other forms of psychiatric disorders were also found to be higher in people in the placebo group.

The occurrence of psychotic disorder or Schizophrenia is pretty common among the Britons. One in every 100 Britons experiences schizophrenia symptoms such as auditory or visual hallucinations, delusions, etc. and quite a few of them manages to have a normal life. People aged between 15 and 35 years are the ones at maximum risk of developing schizophrenia.

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