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Facebook in “Testing Phase” with new app


Facebook is testing an app with employees that could possibly change the way people see, use, and perceive Facebook forever. The new app, currently code-named “Moments,” could be something we see much sooner than later.

It will take on the biggest problem many regular Facebook users have:

There seems to be a constant flood, or stream, of information on your news feed that you don’t want to see, but ultimately – because of how much content is there – you can’t possibly eliminate it all.

This new app will change all of that.


It seems that Facebook wants this app to be a standalone, and perhaps in the long-term be a viable solution should regular Facebook ever stumble, as an alternative to keep the brand alive as a social media platform.

Facebook is very personal, and that has always been the draw to the site. As oppose to Twitter – which focuses on small bits of information, and works to get them to you in a hurry, and in a concise way (160 characters or less).

Point being, the app will allow users to share posts with small groups, and see content within small groups more quickly. It’s like a private version of Facebook for your family, close friends, or people that you really feel comfortable with sharing everything you have – like family photos.

The app will also require users individually select people to be a part of their groups – much like Google Circles. However, Facebook will be doing it on a platform that isn’t fundamentally struggling to find mainstream use.


However, just because Facebook is testing this product on employees – don’t assume that it will make it to the App Store. Facebook users have already criticized the hefty number of standalone apps that the company has created, and put out.

For example, Facebook’s standalone messaging app, is one that has created a lot of stir within the smartphone world – and something that wasn’t enjoyed by all users. And their attempt to compete with Snapchat was futile. Slingshot came and went before the public even gave it a chance.

Facebook also created a calendar app that never actually made it to stores, so that is even more evidence that just because success is seen initially that the success will be long term.


The idea behind it is that it will enhance the user experience, especially for those that are lacking user experience due to overcrowding on the news feed. This can more easily connect small groups of people, and even make private things that should be kept private.

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