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Elon Musk inspires India to launch a record 22 satellites at once

Isro mars mission

A total of 22 satellites will be launched with a single space-rocket by India’s Space Agency.

The third largest demonstration of its kind, the first took place in 2013 with NASA launching 29 satellites in a similar fashion and then Russia having done the same for 33 satellites.

Satellites for Canada, India, Germany and the United States will be launched from Sriharikota barrier island in Andhra Pradesh on June 20th– said the Chairman of ISRO.

With the increase in some mobile phones and users on the internet, internet service providers and mobile network providers, as well as car manufacturers, have been ravaging for better access to communication satellites to provide reliable access to mobile solutions.

After China, India is the World’s largest cell phone market, and this will account for about a 30% increase in the number of satellites that will be launched over the next five years.

Reports suggest that India currently has 35 satellites in its orbit to monitor weather, broadcast both communication and other services, scientific exploration as well as navigation. ISRO suggests that to keep up with the demand for such services, the country will need a lot more.

In the bold attempt to launch numerous satellites together, India will demonstrate prowess in the Space Sciences industry, proving it could compete with privatized giants in the space rocket manufacturing sector owned by billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

In-line with its efforts to innovate while reducing costs of introducing new satellites in space, ISRO has been testing reusable spacecraft that will lower costs on orbital missions considerably. A successful test of a scale model of the reusable craft was conducted last month and will in time change the game for ISRO entirely.

Among other achievements, India also introduced a probe into Mar’s atmosphere at 11% ($74 million) the cost of the US Maven probe project

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