Scientists Say Electric Winds Whisked Water Away From Venus

Venus is one such planet in our solar system which shares umpteen numbers of similarities with the Earth.

Even though it is ten times hotter than our planet, its gravity and size are quite similar to that of earth.

Experts believe that Venus was once home to bountiful oceans like Earth, and this is due to the presence of atmospheric deuterium in the distant cosmic body. Atmosphericdeuterium is nothing but a form of hydrogen which is found in our oceans.

Billions of years ago, Venus might be having oceans in its surface, but now things have changed, and the planet is scorched, possessing 1,00,000 times less water than Earth. According to researchers, it is electric winds which whisked all the water away from Venus.

Earlier, researchers had claimed that it is the charged particles from the sun called “Solar Wind” which zapped the planet dry to the core. But now, a new study report published in Geophysical Research Letters claim that it is a strong electric wind which made the planet dry, which was once abundant with surface oceans.

Glyn Collinson, co-author of the study called electronic winds as a big monster which is capable of sucking all the water from Venus to space. They believe that this electric wind at 10 volts is at least five times high as the one which used to hit the Earth.

Benefits of This Revelation

According to researchers, this new finding will fetch good advantages in the area of space exploration. Understanding more about Electric Winds in the Universe will enhance the effectiveness of searching extraterrestrial life in other cosmic bodies. It will also help to determine the planets in which we can try to build our colony in the future.


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