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Drug usage in Kerala rising dramatically; at an all time high


Kerala, renowned as God’s own country is slowly falling into the clutches of the devil, as drug usage in this Southern State of India has seen its all time rise in the past couple of years.

T P Ramakrishnan, honorable Excise Minister too confirmed this news on July 15, 2016, and he told that the intake of Marijuana and Hashish is one the rise among Malayali youth, and this is such an alarming factor which should be addressed soon.

Three years back, former Government led by Oommen Chandy had banned the sale of liquor through bars in the state.

Under the liquor policy, most of the bars in Kerala were transformed to beer and wine parlors, and the Left Government which is ruling now consider it as the Himalayan Government committed by UDF. T P Ramakrishnan believes that substance abuse in the state may be the result of non-availability of liquor through Bars.


Even though, hard liquors are not available in the Bars, they are readily assailable through the Beverages Outlets.

After the bar shut down, beverages corporation in Kerala has witnessed a dramatic rise in sales, and this clearly indicates the affinity of Keralites towards drinking habit.

Pan Masala products are also banned in the state, but these products are also available throughout Kerala. Police and Excise officials believe that these products are reaching the state from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where Pan Masala are available in plenty.

Most of the shop owners are selling these products for a whopping price, and the main customers are Bengali labors who works in various construction sites.

Rishiraj Singh IPS is now the Excise Commissioner, and he has now started raids to stop this illicit sale.

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