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Driveclub PS4 bundle announced in Europe for €440


Today, Sony announced a new PlayStation 4 Driveclub bundle set to release in Europe for the launch of the game in October. The bundle will include a 500 GB PlayStation 4, a DualShock 4 controller and a copy of the upcoming racing game from Evolution Studios.

Sony stated that the Driveclub bundle will retail for €439.99 in Europe, which equates to approximately $597 USD. However, as of right now, no North American version of this bundle has been announced. This does make sense as racing games are typically more popular in Europe.

Driveclub was initially scheduled to release at the launch of the PS4. However, the game was delayed until 2014 to give the developers more time to dig into the fundamentals of the title and improve the game. Since then, the game was confirmed for an October release. Driveclub was also confirmed to be running at 1080p, 30 FPS.

The Driveclub bundle marks one of many recently announced bundles for the PS4. Just last week, Sony announced a PS4 bundle for The Last of Us: Remastered Edition. That bundle is currently set to release later this month in multiple regions worldwide, including Europe. Currently, the bundle will retail for €439 in Europe.


Sony also announced a PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle which will be available worldwide. That bundle includes a white PS4 along with Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi shooter. The bundle is launching in September alongside the release of Destiny for $450 in the US.

It’s somewhat surprising that Sony are releasing so many bundles for the PS4. Currently, the PS4 is selling well and is currently ahead of both the Xbox One and Wii U in worldwide sales. The bundles are also confusing in that there isn’t really a deal presented. Most of the bundles are the same price as a PS4 and the game sold separately, This differs to the Xbox One Titanfall bundle which essentially made the game free as part of the deal.

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