Several reports have emerged claiming Comcast to launch a new Internet video platform for putting itself among the top in the industry services, including¬†YouTube and Vimeo. “Watchable” is what they are calling for now, but it may change anytime just before the launch. Details about its launching are still in the speculation.

On the condition of anonymity, a Comcast insider spreaded out the news that the company is going to launch a new video platform for the users to watch the latest videos, songs and much more — Just like the YouTube. As mentioned by the anonymous person, the company is already shaking hands with the Buzzfeed, AwesomenessTV, and few others to get the content for its newly launched service.

Apart from these video makers, Comcast has made contacts with the VICE News, NBC Sports, and others to publish their content on the Watchable.

Apart from “who will be on the platform”, in the initial phases Comcast is probably going to make it available only for the customers that are on the network. On the flip side, the service will be an ad-supported for the company to earn some revenue and also generate enough to pay to the authors who will be pushing their content on this platform.

The report suggests that this is probably going to be the first time when any of the online video makers are going to get on the TV sets directly via the service provider and by not using the app. Watchable is going to feature the content just like YouTube and will provide suggestions along with the Internet’s most famous videos.

Comcast Watchable will have parental controls and will also feature the rating of each video for the guardians to know what their kids are watching on the service.

Sooner or later it will start featuring a¬†wide range of videos just like the Google’s video service. It can include the educational videos, songs, documentaries and much more all for free.

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All these speculations as mentioned earlier also include that the users can watch the videos on demand bundled with the Xfinity X1 set-top box. Comcast may soon roll out the platform on the Android and iOS as well.

Talking about some other platforms, Apple is also looking forward to having a TV Streaming service and is probably going to launch by the Q2 2016.



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