Chinese company rips off PlayStation, Ouya and Xbox consoles

Another Chinese company has managed rip-off all the gaming consoles, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Ouya, at once. This newly surfaced consoles has its name taken from the Ouya and has the design from the top two consoles in the world – PlayStation and Xbox One.

This new rip off has been named as Ouye, and currently being funded at the Chinese site Apart from this, the makers of this console aren’t convinced that this is a rip off of the existing consoles in the market. Instead, the Ouye’s creator claimed that their team has spent nearly six months in fine tuning the design that sets them apart from all of the consoles in the market.

As of now, Ouye is willing to raise $700K from the fundraiser at the, and later they will head over to the Kickstarter to raise additional $15000. Despite the fact that it looks like much of PlayStation and Xbox console, the makers have tagged it with a price that is similar to that of Ouya.

Chinese have always been best in the market for ripping off the products. Whether it is a complete Apple Store, or the devices we often see in the market. Rip-offs are often the less priced products made out of the cheap components.

For an instance, the iPhone 6S clones have already started to surface in the Chinese market, but instead of iOS they run on Android that looks much like the iOS. In the past, we have seen China ripping off a complete Apple Store selling the fake products. Also, the employees working there thought they are working for the Apple, Inc. Soon it was shut down as reports started to emerge.

Other than that, Chinese rip-off almost anything and sell it in the market at a very low price. Despite that, a majority of companies have their product manufactured there and then shipped over as the labor cost there is much less than other countries.

Everything we buy from toys to gadgets, everything is being made in  China, and that results in Chinese people being forced to work more than 12 hours a day. Reports about the violation of human rights and suicidal attempts of workers at Foxconn are correct.

This has to stop someday.


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