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China Claims To Have Discovered Signals From An Extraterrestrial Civilization


China says it has discovered the possibility of aliens using its massive Sky Eye telescope.

During the examination of data obtained in 2019, the team discovered two sets of worrisome signals in 2020. As per an article in the Chinese government Science and Technology Daily, they also discovered another questionable signal in 2022 from observed data of planetary targets.

The report appears to have been removed, but not until the news began trending on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and was collected by other news sources, including state-run outlets.

It’s unknown why the item was taken down from the Scientific and Technology Daily’s website, China’s official science and technology daily.


According to the report, the Sky Eye team is looking into narrow-band electromagnetic signals that are different from previous ones imaged, mentioning Zhang Tonjie, lead researcher of an alien space civilization investigation crew co-founded by Beijing Normal University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ National Astronomical Observatory, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Chinese official media declared in September 2020 that this would begin looking for ‘extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to Zhang, China’s Sky Eye is the world’s biggest radio telescope and is especially sensitive to low-frequency radio bands, making it crucial in the hunt for alien civilizations.

The experts also warned that the odd signals could be radio interference, which would necessitate additional examination.

There have been reports of false alarms and odd radio signals in the past.

A powerful narrowband radio signal was detected in 1977 by Ohio State University’s Big Ear space telescope in the United States, which was later utilized to help the quest for extraterrestrials.

The “Wow!” signal was named as it looked to come from the position of the celestial Sagittarius and showed the expected signs of extraterrestrial origin.

The complete signal sequence remained the full 72 seconds that Big Ear was able to record it, but it hasn’t been seen since, as reported by METRO.


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