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Ceasefire begins in Gaza strip after hostile exchange of fire


In what appeared to be a progress to the ongoing diplomatic talks on the Israeli-Palestinian faceoff in Gaza Strip, a ceasefire has taken effect after an early morning exchange of hostile fire.

The ceasefire is to give way to a 5-day negotiation talks on how the two nations would down their weapons and embrace peace in the region. Although the ceasefire is well-appreciated by observers, the intense exchange of early morning fire amidst hostilities indicates the parties might not really be ready for peaceful talks.

The diplomatic negotiations are not expected to be of much benefits because Hamas is not relenting in its fierceness to control the disputed Gaza Strip and continues to fire rockets into Israel, and Israel on the other hand is going all out to show she’s the rightful owner of the strip and could fight its own wars her own ways.



As part of demands made in the ongoing talks, Israel wants Hamas and other factions to quit firing rockets and tunneling Gaza to attack Israel; and Hamas backed by Palestine demands that Israel and Egypt release Gaza for trade and travel crossings, and also remove all restrictions that cut Gaza off from commercial interests in the world. Many world observers hope something would come out of this 5-day ceasefire and negotiation talks.


The negotiation is more important in the face of ordnance bomb explosions that killed an Associated Press video journalist and his Palestinian interpreter alongside several other people. Some other people had also been killed in bomb explosions while trying to defuse unexploded ordnance, and while both sides are not taking credit for this, the international community strongly believes that both sides should exercise restraints and embrace peace and dialogue over ownership of the Gaza Strip most especially in this current talks.

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